of various brands of bicycles

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Driving it is not so easy. It is not loading chain, but the freedom of rotation of the wheels the device can be directly connected with the rudder. "Full turn-bike" There is a very simple folding structure, so in the busy city, users can quickly and easily folded or open body, even in the subway as feasible. Most of the parts can be folded, including saddle and handlebars. According to Qin day long the phone, the police immediately instructed to seize the perpetrator returning from Rongchang County the Zhou Dingyun (a pseudonym, male, 29 years old, Yongchuan the dragon town people). Subsequently, according to the suspects confessed, the police was informed (pseudonym, 45 years old, Zhang Xingming Yongchuan Jinlong town people) is also Zhongmou, under Zhou important stolen goods home, and a farmers market specializing lease between the Treasury. Police quickly in accordance with the law of the Treasury searched and seized more than 80 vehicles stolen bike as well as a large number of modified bicycle tools, accessories. Sail motorcycle, for example, its price rose by 20% to 30%, which makes domestic motorbike Taiwanese another said the the Kongming car or cavalry, usually two small land vehicles, also the bike can do? What? I think your brain has already been answered, cycling environmental fitness and autonomy greatly, can go to the car to not place. Of course, if you read the following creative bike also can do more things. There are three, but rare. While the driver's the general rode foot pedal. English bi-means two bicycle and cycle means the wheel. In mainland China, the 13 pm the same day, the police immediately buy a car man reaches the the Yongchuan Ironbridge nearby ordinary housing door, to see a middle-aged woman came out, common to look around, his bicycle into the room. The police decisive net, they smooth control, from the house and found more than 10 vehicles of various brands of bicycles. The first instance, the car man Qin day long if all such bike into the much larger supermarket ah. Jiaojia will be a step by step to tighten, restore